Based in Greenville, S.C., Amanda Louise Interiors believes in creating beautiful spaces, in which to live beautiful lives. This is not just our job, but our passion. More than anywhere else imaginable, home should be the space for you to both love and look forward to. 

Recent Projects

Easy Being Green

Crazy Colorful Powder Room

Laid Back Luxury

Amanda Louise at Home


Friendly Foyer

Friendly Foyer Come on in, friends! Let’s talk about entryways and how they need to be as rad, or radder than the rest of your house. These spots set the tone and let your guests know what you’re all about -  so let’s make them pretty!
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The Campbell Collective | Artist Release | Katie Schermbeck

The Campbell Collective | Artist Release | Katie Schermbeck The school supply lists may be sitting in your inbox but we all know we have two-ish months left of summer heat here in the South. This week's new collection is giving us all those summertime feels with all the happy colors and smooth brush strokes reminding us of the summer skies. Katie Schermbeck has officially joined The Campbell Collective gang and her work is best described as a breath of fresh air.
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