Based in Greenville, S.C., Amanda Louise Interiors believes in creating beautiful spaces, in which to live beautiful lives. This is not just our job, but our passion. More than anywhere else imaginable, home should be the space for you to both love and look forward to. 

Recent Projects


Portrait Collaboration with Artist Traci Martin

Portrait Collaboration with Artist Traci Martin As a mother, I have done a lot of things I said I would not (i.e. light up toys, sing-songy TV shows & tutus) and it's all because over time I am slowly learning that some things take priority over my preferences -- like putting on a show in order to get dressed or giving her the toy that brings her joy, despite the obnoxious sound effects. However, one thing I dreamed of long before having a child of my own and plan to stick with was collecting art that told the story of her littlest years
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'My Favorite Room' | January 2021

'My Favorite Room' | January 2021 It took us a few weeks to accomplish this New Year's resolution but we are finally checking it off the list! After its recent feature in TALK magazine, we decided it was high time to share a space we had the pleasure of bringing to life last year! After living in their home for a while, saving the funds, and wrapping their minds around what they needed out of their kitchen/living spaces, our clients were finally ready to take on a renovation of these most-used spaces.
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