Based in Greenville SC, Amanda Louise Interiors believes in creating beautiful spaces, in which to live beautiful lives. This is not just our job, but our passion. More than anywhere else imaginable, home should be the space for you to both love and look forward to. 

Recent Projects

Neutral with Pops New Build

Peaceful Palmed Living Room

Citrus Craft Cabana

Mid Century Jungle Nursery


Citrus Hues + Dreamy Blues | Master Bedroom

Citrus Hues + Dreamy Blues | Master Bedroom To market, to market. It’s that time of year when anyone and everyone from the design world flocks to High Point, NC to find the latest, greatest, and fab-est finds. Hannah and I are knee deep in some of the most gorgeous things we’ve seen in our whole lives and can’t wait to share the highlights of our trip with y’all next week. But… In the mean time, we didn’t want to leave y’all hangin’ in the inspiration department, so here’s a master bedroom update from this summer!
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Collected, Color-Blocked Living

Collected, Color-Blocked Living Ok, so this spot is literally the epitome of “All the colors, all the time”, something that I may have said once or twice… today. This is a motto that I embrace whole heartedly, but it’s not often that I meet clients who may be less afraid of color than I am, are some of the raddest peeps in all the land, and have a kick-A art collection to boot. Collectively, we decided to “Go bold, or go home”. They were already home… but, you get it.
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