Based in Greenville, S.C., Amanda Louise Interiors believes in creating beautiful spaces, in which to live beautiful lives. This is not just our job, but our passion. More than anywhere else imaginable, home should be the space for you to both love and look forward to. 

Recent Projects

Easy Being Green

Crazy Colorful Powder Room

Laid Back Luxury

Amanda Louise at Home


Amanda Louise at Home | Lula's Nursery

Amanda Louise at Home | Lula's Nursery Surely it won't surprise anyone to hear that I have been planning my child's nursery since Lula was only a twinkle in my eye which, of course, made it nearly impossible to narrow down the possibilities once it finally came time to pull it all together. The main priorities were clearly color + pattern ... and functionality + storage were somewhere up there too
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Layered Living

Layered Living Maybe it's just me but my motivation to leave the house plummets with the temperatures. However, I do still need to see my people so for me the chilly months are the "why don't ya'll just come to me!?" months, creating the need for some serious seating that isn't 100% centered around a television (or 100% covered in laundry). Today's feature is all about some conversational seating and a room that can easily transition from a family game night to a girl's night in. 
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