• Collecting What You Love, Loving Where You Live

    What's up homeskillets, Caroline here. Bringing you a bold dose of thought this lovely Sunday.

    Amanda Louise and I have been an official pair for roughly 6 months now and I have to say it has been a fully gratifying and fruitful half year. I wanted to take a moment and share what I've learned about working with Amanda, and the singularly most important piece of information I've come to know about the woman since working alongside her, a life lesson that no one told me about until she introduced me to the wonderful world of interiors. This particular lesson pairs with the three words that come to my mind each and every time I think of the gal.

  • Summer Supper

    One personality trait I can always trust my city of Greenville to flaunt: the persistence of collaboration over competition. I do, without doubt, think this very idea is woven into the threads of our lil (but getting way bigger) city. Its a quality I find myself as creative craving: the hunger to learn from others, who are still learning themselves, and the interest in making each other better. This is why creatives have such a solid root in our Greenville soil, this is why we come in numbers and packs. Being ourselves here, is just easy. And when we get together, it's big rewarding things. Southern Living kind of things. I'm just so grateful to live and grow here, ya mean?

  • Lilypad Lovin'

    The fundamental foundation was already there: the chairs, sofa, tables, you my boi blue cabinet. With this light-filled living room, I took the base pieces my client currently owned, and got jiggy with fabrics, art, and accessories until our hearts were content.