• One Room Challenge - Fall 2016 - Week 1

    Y'all! Happy Thursday. I am so glad to be taking part again in the One Room Challenge for the next six weeks. Thursdays have been so mundane since the Spring wrap up.

    Last go round, I helped the ever so lovely, funnest friend around, Stephanie from Olive and Tate complete her living room. Remember that pool table smack dab in the middle of the room?! Yeah? That was us and don't forget the Great Green Chair Debacle of 2016.... you can read about my biggest design mistake to date here. The word challenge is no joke, but I couldn't have been happier with the end result of that space and allllll the fun we had along the way.

  • Amanda Louise at Home: Hello Yellow Kitchen

    It's definitely not a secret that yellow is my color. Yellow everything... except yellow cars. Those aren't really my jam. Other than that, it's my first choice for every personal color decision. So when I had stared at our white kitchen for as long as I possibly could, the answer was yellow. 

    We needed to make a big visual impact on the cheap. We have been in a condo for a few years and it's been great for this season of life, but it's not where we plan to be much longer. There needed to be a balance of buying me some more time to feel more at home here and not sinking too much money into the space. I needed to make this space happy until we make our next move so we went the cosmetic route.

  • Mid Century Jungle Nursery

    We wanted to create this space that would grow with the baby boy inhabitant and not be stuck in baby mode when he starts to toddle. With a few simple changes this space is sure to keep up with the transition from baby to toddler to full blown boy. 

    In the first meeting about this space, it was determined that there needed to be elements of mid century style and the only type of "theme" that would be accepted would be animal related... and I was so on board. 

    I had been waiting and waiting to use Clarence House Fabric's Congo print for ages and knew that this would be the perfect space for it.